Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

I’ve decided to resurrect my dear old blog, now a rambunctious and neglected eight-year old–today! On May 6th in 2003, I decided to start a blog instead of sending my friends links to stuff via Instant Messenger.

Back, then, I had to carry these posts uphill both ways; I built my own blog software and CMS, and lovingly tended to it for years, writing my own features, plugins, editors, themes, search engines, and so on. Then, at some point not long after I switched hosting servers, I broke the software and lost the ability to post through my precious software I’d spent years making. And honestly, I didn’t feel like fixing it.

I had started to submit work (largely unsuccessfully) to magazines and so forth, and eventually stopped writing for a bit. Then I worked on massive exposes of shadow conspiracies bent on world domination, but struggled to a) find the right news hook and b) trim down my fantastic account of killer robots feasting on the flesh of terrified hordes to less than 3500 words.

So, this blog will be filled with shorter posts from now on. I’ve got a custom WordPress install and I’m nearly done cleaning out the archives of nasty bits of leftover formatting (if you find an incomplete or funny-looking post, leave a comment). I’ll be adding cool new features by the by.

Lots more to come!


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