It's My Birthday, I Can Post If I Want To

So, I'm turning 25 as we speak, and I've decided to celebrate by being responsible and catching up on all this work I need to have done today.

That is why this post is so short. I have been working on a post wherein I advocate withdrawing from NAFTA, the War on Drugs and Iraq as part of waging a more successful "War On Terror," but that will have to wait for another day. Right now there is a little Afghan child whose heart operation I need to digitize so that Nightline can make a segment about it.

In the meantime, for those who crave D. J.'s intellectual beat-downs to while away time while <i>you</i> should be working, enjoy the following debate I had with some idiot about the existence of god, et al, on my friend Kelsey's blog, The Kvetcher.

Also, in the "I called it" department, Iran is seeking nuclear weapons as a direct result of U.S. agression, and Indonesia and the Acehnese are negotiating again.


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