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I exhort you, faithful readers, to vote for my blog in the Best Writing category of the Koufax Awards. I have this fantasy of winning out over 126 contenders. As the Mets say, You Gotta Believe.

Please, vote here (it says the voting hasn’t opened yet, but it has):

Wampum’s Koufax Award for Best Writing 2005

My votes, incidentally:

Dada Head for Best New Blog.

Dada Head for Most Deserving of Wider Recognition.

As Dada says, Dada is the egg. Dada is the Police of the Police.

My own manifestoes are somewhat less overtly political.


To quote Wampum:

“Thus, polls will close Sunday night, March 12th, at 11:59 pm. Dwight and I will sit down and start counting votes, hopefully having the results in a few days. Then onto the final round. Finally, please consider contributing to Wampum’s Koufax Awards operations fund to defray the not insignificant cost of running these awards.”

The Auto, The Hurricane, and the Ice Floe

Since the beginning of America, you can always find one Christian group who was preaching that the country was going to hell for any number of national sins: slavery; abolitionists; homosexuals; Communists and so forth. It appropriates a familiar narrative from the Old Testament, and no wonder–it was written in the same vein as the preachers who use it today. And it’s the same all over the world, on both sides of the Huntingtonian divide.

I wonder whether there ought be, or already exsts, a Christian narrative which looks upon what I call “Nature” as “God”, and has a story for the punishment of environmental sins as the reason for natural catastrophes, if our offense toward Nature could be explained in plain meterological terms. Perhaps it might be easier to construct a narrative of the President’s bearing of false witness as the reason for the deaths and maimings of American soldiers in Iraq. Lord knows Reverend Phelps blames “don’t ask don’t tell” and so forth, you could do worse in terms of biblically-correct reasons for the casualties of war.

The Catholic Church has already accepted Darwinism, and even intelligent design advocates believe in “micro-evolution,” that is to say, individuation within species (e.g., dog breeds) in caveat to science. Surely there is enough room in religious worldviews for acknowledgement of global warming as the result of human misdeeds.

Another Great New TV Show Idea

You know what would really make political television more interesting? If, instead of having captions like “Senator Joseph Biden, Jr, (D-DE)” we could have a list of their major campaign contributors instead of part affiliation: “Senator Biden, (Credit Card Industry-DE).” Wouldn’t that go a long ways toward giving the viewers an informed debate?

How about we go a step further? I bring you POP-UP-CSPAN!

On digital cable, users will be able to hit a button and scroll through a short summary of legislative records and donors. The technology exists today!


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