D. J. Waletzky is a second generation film editor who has worked for documentary film companies and as an independent editor for hire.

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Proficient in both AVID and Final Cut Pro, negotiable day or project rate.

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The Finale of Boris Godunov

(Multi-camera stage production)

05:53, MP4 video

The final act of the classic Russian opera, performed at the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersberg by basso Yevgeny Nikitin. Edited for the DVD bonus materials for the documentary "Sacred Stage" for Redfire Films.

Talking Music with Yevgeny Nikitin

(Single-camera interview)

03:55, MP4 video

Talking music with rising Russian opera star Yevgeny Nikitin, who plays the role of Boris Godunov. Also for Sacred Stage's DVD supplemental materials.

RAW Club DVD for DJ Alex Pearce

(Visual element for electronic music live events)

03:03, MP4 video

This short non-narrative piece plays on a continuous loop for a local New York electronica DJ during his live sets. Here it is set to music to provide some context.

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